It all starts with my dad, Joe Shine. Growing up, he would say to me "Be authentic, do your best, do it for the right reasons, and everything else works out." He would dream of us kids becoming Restaurateurs, Sporting Goods Moguls, Consultants, and non-profit CEOs. Then he would make up the business names and they usually revolved around the family name.  
ShineWell came to me one bright spring morning. The night before, a friend had suggested I consider becoming a private chef for a busy family. Private Chefs generally work for a single client/family to cook their everyday meals inside their homes. She knew I was considering starting my own business. For years, I had been happily employed as a Director of Culinary and Dining at two local and reputable retirement communities. I was ready for a new purpose. I enjoy working with seniors and I love to cook. I believe food is our first medicine and it needs to taste delicious. My friend's notion of me becoming a private chef wasn't exactly what I was looking for, but the idea of helping seniors successfully age at home through delicious nutrition, sparked an idea.
Years in the business taught me that only a small percentage of seniors will choose retirement living. Most, more commonly, will want to age in their own homes. Living independently in ones' home presents challenges as daily routines change with aging. One of them is practicing good nutrition and healthy eating habits. The burden of meal planning, shopping, cooking and cleaning can compromise ones' plans to eat fresh, wholesome meals and enjoy quality dining time. That's where ShineWell comes in!

Thanks for reading,
JoAnne Card